We’ve been sitting in pubs saying ‘Roath should have its own brewery’ for years - so now we’re excited to have launched Roath’s first new brewery in 100 years or more (we think!).

When we first met each other, we quickly discovered a shared love of German beer from the time that we’d both spent living in Germany. We’ve been influenced by that and, between us, time spent living in Yorkshire, the US and on the South Coast – but we’re taking our inspiration from all that’s brilliant about Roath.

We want every beer to tell a story, and every label to be a little work of art.

Tom & Matt

Beers from Roath

Handmade real beer inspired by the people and places of Roath

Antarctic Pale Ale

We’re setting off on our epic brewing adventure…our first brew balances British hops with honey-sweet malts in a classic balanced IPA style.

In June 1910 SS Terra Nova set sail from Cardiff. Captain Scott’s heroic Antarctic endeavour is commemorated by Roath Park’s iconic lighthouse.

Mill Garden

A refreshingly clean Wit, brewed for the heat of a summer’s day or the spice of a mid-winter curry. Light, citrusy and subtly floral, it’s a wheat beer for people who think they don’t like wheat beer!

The tranquil Roath Mill Gardens were opened in 1912 on the site of the medieval Roath Mill, traces of which still remain alongside the brook that once drove its huge wooden wheel.

No. 3 Tram

This is our celebration of Germany’s super light hybrid lager/ales – the perfect easy-drinking partner for spiced, grilled and aromatic dishes.

The No.3 Tram was Roath’s link to people and produce from around the world, running from the dock Pierhead, up City Road and on to Roath Park.

Death Junction

DEATH JUNCTION - A beer for where Roath rubs against Cathays, where cut throats and the gibbet and the gallows pit were once the only future, where Richmond meets Mackintosh, where the Crwys uncrossed, where Albany hits Plwca, where the dead walked, where the lost were defiled and the criminal met their ends. Drink to their memory. They’d love that. by Peter Finch

The five-way crossroads at the heart of Roath earned its dark nickname not from the present risk of danger (from speeding car or dodgy kebab) but from its more sinister past. Our Death Junction is a smooth, dark oatmeal stout with a hint of vanilla.

Test Pilot

Local boy Ernest Willows started building home-made airships in a field in Splott and shot to fame when he parked one up in front of City Hall in 1910. That's just the sort of recklessly creative spirit that's made Roath the inspiring, exciting place it is today.

Test Pilot is our creative adventure into new flavours, styles and techniques. It’s a different one-off beer in the bottle every batch. As always, handmade with the best and most local ingredients we can find.

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